Thursday, March 10, 2011

Task Force on Race and the Criminal Justice System

Below please find an update on the amazing work being done by the Task Force on Race and Criminal Justice System.  Please go to for more information.

The Task Force on Race and the Criminal Justice System is working to address racial disparity in Washington's criminal justice system. On March 2, 2011, we met with the Washington Supreme Court at the Temple of Justice in Olympia Washington. Attending were representatives from the Washington State Bar Association Board of Governors, the Washington State Access to Justice Board, the Minority and Justice and Gender and Justice Commissions, the Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, The Defender Association, the state's specialty bar associations, the state's three law schools, various law enforcement agencies, and many other organizations, as well as many judges and other leaders from Washington's legal community.
The March 2 event included presentations from the Research Working Group and the Recommendations/Implementation Working Group.

You may see a video of the March 2nd event at

(Note: the video works on Explorer but may not be working properly on Firefox; we are working on this.)
Presentation Notes, Slides, and Report. Jason Gillmer's notes can be found here; Alexes Harris and Katherine Beckett's slides can be found here; and Robert Chang's slides can be found here. The Research Working Group's Preliminary Report on Race and Washington's Criminal Justice System can be found here. The Recommendations/Implementation Working Group's presentation slides can be found here.
The Seattle Times ran a brief article about the event.
On the left navigation, you can find our Participants, Working Groups, Meeting Notes, and Research Reports.
We are developing next steps. This is a multi-year project. Please return to this page for updates.

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